About First Adventures

First Adventures is a family founded brand and online kids and baby clothing store. After the arrival of their first grandson & nephew, this mother-daughter team have created First Adventures because of their desire to find stylish kids clothing that will last longer and last generations. With the support of skilled women who normally make clothes for theatre productions, they created and tested a durable fit that kids can grow into.

After a year and a half (2023), Nicky joined as an associate, infusing creativity into the brand. Now united, Sanne and Nicky share an ambitious goal: to make their carefully crafted dungarees a household name worldwide.


First Adventures isn't just about fashion—it's about family, creativity, and sustainability. Sanne and Nicky's journey is a testament to leaving a lasting impact, one dungaree at a time.

In 2023, First Adventures partnered with Makers Unite for the production of denim dungarees. Makers Unite is an Amsterdam-based foundation that wants to help creative newcomers in the Netherlands. They do this mostly through collaborations with other parties in order to give the newcomers an idea of the Dutch creative industry.