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Kids grow out of their clothes so quickly, so we designed an outfit that lasts and fits (2 to 3 times) longer. Durable dungarees for little explorers. Sustainably designed and handmade with love by mother and daughter in the Netherlands.

One piece, multiple sizes

The dungarees are designed to fit two to three times longer so they can grow with your kid. They can be worn through all four seasons and will easily last to be passed on to the next little one. 

Creating memories at Camp Kakelbont

Camp Kakelbont

An ode to the first holidays of babies and kids. A campsite is a place to create happy memories. Where kids can play freely, discover life and get to know their surroundings with all their senses.

In our high quality outfit, kids can play freely, discover, and still look awesome.

Always time for a joke at Camp Kakelbont